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Scrap Metal Payments

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

The new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 came in to force across England and Wales on 1 st October 2013, bringing a series of changes to the metal recycling industry.
The main requirements are:
i) All site based and mobile scrap metal dealers/collectors must apply for a licence from their local authority.
ii) Councils will check the suitability of applicants to operate as a scrap metal dealer, which will include criminal record checks.
iii) The ban of cash payments for scrap metal will be extended to all scrap metal dealers including traditional scrap yards, mobile/itinerant collectors and motor salvage operators.
iv) The identity of all suppliers of scrap metal must be verified and recorded by the scrap metal dealer.

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Cashless payment options:

Payment on to a Visa debit card*

        - This method has been developed by Barclaycard in conjunction with the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA). Payment          is made on to the customers’ visa debit card through a card terminal by way of a ‘Refund’. The customers then walks away with a receipt showing the refunded amount, and they will see the cleared funds in their current account 2-3 days later.

Payment by cheque*

Payment on account
- For our regular and large volume suppliers. An account will need to be set up with payment via BACS on a monthly basis.
          Vat-Registered suppliers can opt for our Self Billing Scheme where payment can be made without the need to raise an invoice first.

* Admin fee of 80p is applicable on all scrap purchases under £20 in value (with exception of account customers). This is to cover bank charges and admin time in processing smaller quantities.
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